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big_crowdMany people in the USA today have forgotten, never knew, or considered what you are about to read in this post. The cause of our economy being in shambles, is because of causes that were made in the past. At the beginning of the 20th century our country went through a drastic transformation. The history “books” (if you can find such a thing today) called it the Industrial Revolution.

During this period in our history big corporations were being formed. The one thing they needed most was workers. I believe that is when the philosophy and quote “Go to school so you can get a good J.O.B” was coined. I’ve heard that phrase over and over in the course of my life.  How truly anti-American that philosophy is when you really think about it. I say that because along with that thinking came the public school system. An education system designed to train Americans to become employees at a JOB.

Think about this the word JOB is really an acronym (J.O.B.), and it’s true meaning is (Just Over Broke). Think about it! Isn’t that what happen over the past few years? When all the corporations decided to pull out of America in search of cheap labor. Many of us have now found that the word (J.O.B.) has come into it’s true meaning. I’m sure you don’t require any elaboration from me on that one. along side knows that the key to a strong economy is small and mid-sized businesses starting up or expanding, but too often these businesses can’t access the necessary capital to create new opportunities that have the resources to strengthen their local communities. has been researching this problem for a few years now. We believe we have just the thing to turn the tide, and get capitalism in America back on the right track. We are in the business of helping you the grassroots business owner/entrepreneur. We have put together the answer to this problem in the form of

You may be asking yourself. What the heck is he talking about? CrowdFunding uses a large diffuse group of people to raise funds. Funds are raised via the internet for artist, musicians, inventors, and grassroots owners/entrepreneurs. Grassroots people along with wealthy investors, and philanthropist that emphasizes with our cause. is currently in beta testing mode. Click Here to join us today, and lets start making a difference in our communities starting today.

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